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Capturing data on suppliers invoices <- Dematerialization <-

This software optimizes the dematerialization of supplier invoices

Even with less than 400 invoices per month, you can achieve significant savings through FORMLAD-G. This software will save you time in the entry of supplier invoices.

capturing data on supplier invoices

Automatic reading

Scan suppliers bills and quickly capture relevant data and forward them to your information system (ERP, accounting application, EDM...). These data can be numbers, dates, amounts, taxes (...) and even the detail rows of the invoice !

Productivity and quality gains insured !

By scanning incoming invoices, you turn them into usable data in your information system in order to reduce manual data entry, to speed up treatment and to improve the accuracy of the information.


  • Savings
  • Improvements to the quality and quantity of information collected
  • Rapid return on investment


  • Supplier recognition
  • Management failures (separations between the scanned invoices)
  • Management of multi-page invoices
  • Capturing indexing data, dates, amounts, VAT and other taxes, currencies ...
  • Reading of detail rows
  • Creation of verification scripts