Formulary gestion des flux documentaires
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  FORM-SPOOL-OMR (logiciel for Windows™)

Sorting and grouping pages (PDF and spools) with integration of OMR codes.

Generation of sorted PDF for printing, envelope grouping, send to desktop publishing provider and enveloping machines
The program scans a directory and processes PDF files that arrive using sorting and grouping criteria that have been defined.

Application examples:
A software printer convert the print spool files of invoices from an ERP PDF files that are stored in the entry directory of FormSpoolOMR. FormSpoolOMR then generates a print spool or a PDF file with pages sorted and grouped by customer. Each OMR code that is added to indicate the enveloping machine when to group documents in a single envelope.

The OMR codes are printed on documents such as invoices or letters to give instructions to the inserter machines: the enveloping machines are using the OMR codes to group documents in an envelope.