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Document Management Softwares

Output Management / Spool-files Management

FORMULARY Dynamic printing for AS/400, IBMi...
Editing - Customizing - Enrichment - Print management
FORMPRINTERDynamic printing for Windows™, Unix, Linux ...
Editing - Customizing - Enrichment - Print management
FORMULP© Output-Management with PDF documents
formXML© Output-Management with XML
FORMULX Visual setting of dynanmic shaping
FORMPDF© Spools to PDF
FORMFAX © Sending documents by fax
FORMNET© Sending documents by e-mail
FORMSIGN© Signing PDF documents
FORMETIQ© Thermal printing on labels (images and barcodes)
FORMDISPATCH© multi channel broadcasting of invoices and other documents
FORMTRACKING© Use and cost management of printers
FORMSPOOLVIEW© Output-Manager for print queues (spools)
FORMCHEQ© Auto-filling checkbook with managing numbering authorisations
FORMIMAGE© Dynamic integration of images in spools
FORMSPOOL© Grouping and sorting spool-files
FORMSORT© Grouping and sorting of pages
FORM-SPOOL-OMR© Grouping and sorting of spool-files (OMR integration)
FORMFTP© Uploading documents on remote site

Archiving - Electronic Document Management -EDM

FORMARCHIVES© Multi-Indexing and archiving spools from OS400 IBM i
FORMVISUALL Gestion Electronique de Documents© Electronic Document Management (EDM) with workflow
FORMVISUALL FOR WEBfor web© web client for EDM
FORMLAD© Electronic reading of documents
Capturing data in received invoices, delivery bills and other documents
FORMINDEXEUR© Multi-Indexing of incoming and outgoing documents
FORMRECO indexation des documents par codes-barres© Indexing of documents based upon barcodes
FormQCM© Electronic reading of hand-filled forms (multiple choice checkboxes)
logo FormIdxName© Automatic classification of documents in folders
FORMI2PDF© Converting images coming from scan/fax to text-PDF files

Spool files management

FORMCONCURRENT-JOB© Simultaneous spools processing
FORMIPDS© Converting AFP/IPDS spools files to PCL
FORMXLS© Converting spool files to a spreadsheet format
FORMCONVERT-PDF© Converting PCL to PDF stream
Les API de copie.
Integration of barcodes (EAN 8, EAN128, EAN13, CODE39, CODE128, 2/5, PDF417...)