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Managing IBM i spools


FORMULARY : Electronic Overlays and Output Management for IBM i

Get the desired documents without having to modify your application: FORMULARY formats and customize the content of each document from the original spool and according to the data in the spool.

FORMULX paramétrage WYSIWYG du mapping sur spool

FORMULX : Modeling and customizing documents

FORMULX runs on Windows™ with a friendly interface where you see directly the result. This is a WYSIWYG software * (What You See Is What You Get). No programming knowledge is required.
managing spools / output

Publishing functions
The dynamic editing functions meet different formatting requirements, personalization and print management

Texts Hiding
To hide part of the original data that should no longer appear under certain conditions.

Texts Moving
To change the location of some of the data under certain conditions.

Texts Copy
To duplicate some of the data to another location on the page under certain conditions.

Graphic Enrichment
Conditional imports of graphic elements (logos and other graphics).

Font Calls
To determine the choice of fonts, font sizes and styles depending on the data under certain conditions.

Conditional texts Additions
Terms of personalized sales;
Branch addresses;
Mention "DUPLICATE" across the copies under certain conditions.

Conversion of alphanumeric values ​​in barcodes (with possibility to show the values ​​for human reading).
  Multiple Overlays
Overlays are superimposed as a transparent layer in which we will have, for example, text and logos that can change not to have to touch the whole document. Overlays can be conditioned to compose each document based on the data.

Frames, boxes and lines
- Coloring lines and the bottom of the boxes;
- Choice of the Color;
- Choice of the thickness;
- Position in the page relative or absolute.

Setting Recto/Verso printing management.
Conditional content choices.

Selecting printers and drawers
- To determine the printer to call based on the data.
- To select particular tray ...