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FORMVISUALL : Electronic Document Management - EDM

Transparency is useful to work together
Transparency is useful to work together !

logo FORMVISUALL a view on all documents that convey information

FORMVISUALL is an electronic document management software with a configurable workflow to create work processes around the documents and provide visibility on tasks.

FORMVISUALL facilitates the multi-indexing and cross-searching of documents with a secure and personalized access to electronic archives. With the automatic indexing all the information conveyed in the incoming and outgoing documents can be captured.

FORMVISUALL offers eclectic features and unparalleled ergonomics. Its main strength consists in the design tips that enable intuitive use while taking advantage of integrated document workflow. A user-friendly video coding and indexing, a simple search engine and comprehensive collection of interactive lists, memorization of current research ... All the functional features have been designed for the user in order to provide optimum comfort with good visibility.
Depending on business needs, the wealth of features can be exploited to make efficient work: custom alerts, security, electronic signature, virtual sticky notes, exports for engraving, workflow. FORMVISUALL facilitates indexing and searching documents according to company data with configurable classification categories. Each user finds relevant documents either directly by FORMVISUALL of through an ERP for which an interface or connector are simple to implement.

Key Features

  • Assisted digitization from the interface.
  • Additional modules for reading and automatic indexing.
  • Sharing network with secure access to documents.
  • Ergonomic search engine offering full opportunity to cross-search on a single interface.
  • Ergonomic navigation in documents collected with simultaneous viewing.
  • Storing common search queries.
  • Ergonomic and interactive selections in lists and grouping collection.
  • Possibility of transmitting documents by e-mail from the interface.
  • Export to CD/DVD ( documents, index and search engine).
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Integrated and customizable workflow
  • E-mail alerts to inform users of documents to process

Web client

FORMVISUALL-FOR-WEB for consulting archives via Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Automates archiving and indexing

  • Modules to capture incoming documents
  • Modules for automatic indexing of spools/text files/PDF documents ...

Scanning, coding and video-assisted indexing

Scanning is well supervised to avoid mistakes and to be able to resume an interrupted job. To do this, record keeping, prior to their indexing takes place in a directory specific to the user. Scanned documents can be viewed at each stage to facilitate the assembly of pages, the video coding and indexing. After validating the user, the documents are automatically converted to PDF and saved to the right place on the company server thus avoiding handling errors that could result in loss of documents.With some add-ons, it is possible to automate the recognition, archiving and indexing of faxes, e-mails and scanned documents.

Visualization and corrections before archiving

Scan images can be viewed (zoom possible) and selected to rotate the pages that were scanned upside down and assemble the pages belonging to the same document. The pages that are intended to be integrated into a single PDF document can be indexed individually if necessary. Additional modules are used to automate the assembly of the pages of a document by reading recognition and automatic separation elements (identifiable break, cover pages, barcodes, etc..)

Video coding

The ergonomics of video coding makes manual indexing easier and more reliable with displaying the document during indexing. The seizure of index is performed with selection menus that show the index already recorded while allowing you to enter a new value.

Multicriteria indexing

In the setting of a document type, you determine the criteria / categories of classification that will materialize in the form of new input fields on the interface and new indexing tabs on the search engine. When classifying a document, you fill in the entry fields that correspond to the classification criteria with the index (keywords, dates or values). These input fields use to unfold like a drop down menu to provide direct access to an index classification already entered before. FORMVISUALL can be configured according to several different indexing methods. Archiving of office work, emails and faxes You can manually archive all current documents: office work, e-mails or faxes. With add-ons, it is possible to automate the indexing of these documents when saving to PDF.

Customizable consultation rights (confidentiality)

An accreditation system precisely manages access rights for each user. Based on the indexing criteria or records of ownership (code archive), this security ensures effective collaboration while respecting confidentiality. FORMVISUALL also creates SQL clauses to prohibit the user access to specific documents. These clauses may be established according to all criteria of cross indexing (including date ranges). With FORMVISUALL information circulates well as all employees have access to documents that concern them. Simplicity and visibility in the search for documents. The engine is a simple interface to query document databases visually (accessible to the public without any technical knowledge). The search is facilitated by an ingenious system of tabs that organize space for a visual composition of multicriteria queries a single screen. This offers direct access to each criterion permiiting selections and exclusions of keywords, values or date ranges. Each tab corresponds to a criterion and opens an interface designed for:
- Browse the list of index and put the selections in a basket;
- Create conditions for the index search (equal to, containing, different, less than, greater than, between x and y).
Searches can be made easily with specific conditions established for various criteria

Collecting lists

In each search, an interactive list shows all the documents found to help visualize and refine the selection if necessary. These lists allow to consolidate, rearrange and refine the selection of found documents.Tree views(optional extra).

To meet the diversity of needs expressed by users, tree views can be displayed. This is virtual trees to see the documents as if they were classified in directories and subdirectories (based on the indexing criteria). These virtual trees can comfort users accustomed to a ranking by folders, while maintaining the strength of multicriteria indexing. These tree views can be organized with different presentation logic and even changed without altering the multicriteria classification of documents or alter their real location.

Copy of the archives and indexes on CD/DVD

CDs and DVDs may embark PDF documents, index rankings, access rights and the viewer. Research and consultation on CDs and DVDs can be on any laptop or PC.

Sending documents by e-mail

The PDF copy of the documents collected in a search can be sent by e-mail directly from the interface FORMVISUALL. Annotation of documents such as "sticky notes "
A virtual sticky notes can be used to convey messages over the documents (without changing the document itself).

Workflow for monitoring human processing of documents

The implementation of a collaborative information system starts with the modeling process to automate. For each stage of work to do, it will determine who does what in relation to a document. Workflow integrated with documentary FORMVISUALL is customizable for each type of document to marry the various organizational processes. The objective and trace the actions or validation of users who interact with documents to facilitate teamwork in the company.
A semaphore (red, green or neutral) register the actions, decisions and events occurring or waiting for a document (based on patterns of organization in place). The transition from red to green requires validation of the officer or group of officials concerned (with secure login and password). Several requests for validation chain can be set for the same type of document. This workflow validation strengthens the involvement of people affected by the decisions and tasks. According to procedures defined for a document type, users may give a green light visible to their colleagues. At each step, the green lights can be triggered by a user or group of users. This information sharing that maximizes the worflow, however, must allow for confidentiality. FORMVISUALL integrates this purpose, a comprehensive and customizable security. Users will access only information about them. The workflow documentary FORMVISUALL can be used for the implementation of process type in process BPM-related documents (Business Process mangement)

Alerts (notifications about documents by e-mail)

Managers are alerted to the presence of a document that concerns them and require their approval in the workflow (action to take or decision to be taken at a given stage of the organizational chart).