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Paperless solutions for the following FORMULARY to exploit the document in business processes to reliable and accelerate common tasks.

Dematerialization of outgoing documents (customer invoices, puchase orders, delivery notes...)

FORMDISPATCH is a conditional routing software invoices and other documents you publish your application (ERP, business management software or other). FORMSIGN-PDF is an electronic signature software PDF documents (eg PDF documents produced by ERP). FORMINDEXEUR Multi indexing of documents generated by the application.

Dematerialization of incoming documents (vendor invoices, orders, BL ...)

FORMLAD-G is software designed to accelerate the entry of supplier invoices and supplying accounting software - finance and ERP.

FORMINDEXEUR can be used for Multi indexing received documents

Electronic Document Management - EDM workflow

FORMVISUALL is an Electronic Document Management software (EDM / EDM) with a workflow based on multi-criteria indexing documents (multi-indexing). Additional modules automate the capture of indexing data flow inbound and outbound documents.

Purchase-to-pay - P2P (dematerialization and during spray of Sale Process)

Several software of the FORMULARY catalogue are to deploy solutions Purchase-to-Pay that incorporate modern AutoPlay functions of invoices and delivery notes in connection with any ERP. The idea is to automate the recording in the ERP important data on invoices and BL while taking advantage of archiving and document workflow functions.

To streamline procurement processes

Key benefits come in terms of visibility, efficiency and economy. Rapid return on investment can be achieved by eliminating data entry hours with FORMLAD--G software (automatic capture of data on supplier invoices and delivery notes). High reliability reading of documents can be obtained as long as the documents are provided in PDF format. For paper invoices OCR solutions exist. Once the data entered, invoices must enter the payment system by taking advantage of the functions of ERP. If necessary supplemented with a GED and a document workflow.

Additional functions to ERP

It is possible to utilize the functions dedicated to these purchases in the ERP while complementing them with archiving functions and document workflow provided in an EDM as FORMVISUALL. The relationship between ERP and EDM can be established through common index in both systems. This could include the vendor name or vendor code. The correlation between a suppliers code and his name may be established with the integrated data dictionary of FORMLAD-G.