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Dematerialization of customer invoices

Paper or electronic invoice to respect the preferences of each customer

FORMDISPATCH is a software for sending paper or electronic documents (like invoices) : automatic choice of the channel is based on the preferences of each customer. Some of your clients ask to receive their bills by e-mail, others by fax and other printed form mailed. FORMDISPATCH is a software that can satisfy the preferences of each of them without changing your billing software. The goal is to enjoy the benefits of dematerialization while continuing to meet the diverse requirements. FORMDISPATCH will help you set the conditional routing and multi-channel outgoing documents in your application (invoices, purchase orders and other transactional documents). The documents will be, as the case routed via email, fax or print based on elements in the page (email, fax, printer designation).

The electronic invoice without changing software

Invoices will be sent electronically or printed in paper format directly from the spool of your existing billing software (ERP or other). FORMDISPATCH comes as something of a virtual printer. Henceforth, the documents you send to FORMDISPATCH will, as appropriate, be routed by e-mail, fax or printed based on elements in the page (email, fax, printer designation).

Electronic invoicing to realize a return on investment

Dematerialisation is an area for improvement: to send electronic invoices to customers who accept it enables savings and save time. Customers themselves are becoming to prefer this format and it becomes profitable to satisfy them. Customers who prefer the paper will still be satisfied.

Benefits of electronic invoice:

- Reduction of costs related to the enveloping and postage bills;
- Immediate sending of invoices;
- Reduced risk of loss of invoices;
- Accelerated resolution of invoice disputes (faster an invoice is sent, the faster it will be corrected).

Electronic signature of your PDF invoices with FORM-SIGN-PDF

FORM-Sign-PDF is a software that shall complement existing applications to sign documents that you send by email.