Formulary gestion des flux documentaires
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-> ADDPI a Software House dedicated to document management

The objective of our softwares is to provide efficient management of all document streams (publishing, updating, disseminating, archiving, automatic reading, EDM, Record Management, workflow ...).


ADDPI, as publisher, enriches and continuously improves the functionality of the software and additional modules to provide its customers the best of technology. Since the customer remains a central concern, customer relationships are mostly oriented towards services. ADDPI provides its customers with support and technical assistance, qualified service and quick and efficient responses.

Support and assistance

- Advice, assistance, auditing, etc.
- Development of configurations on-action (optional)
- On-site installation
- Training for administrators and users
- Hot-line technical support
- Remote maintenance via secure connection for remote assistance operations
- Quick interventions on site (not included in the contract)
- Assistance Contracts (updates included).

Success story

Didier ADRIAENSSENS Manager and Technical Director of ADDPI entered the working life with a degree in management and accounting. He worked in several groups as a user, developer and trainer on the IBM OS400. He had the idea of offering a software to improve performances and appearances of editions (output-management /spool files management). In 1995, ADDPI was created by Gerard BRICOUT and Didier ADRIAENSSENS in order to market Formulary (a software for shaping OS/400 spool-files). Initially these two lovers of the OS400 have formalized the requirement for a flexible, adaptable software. This has paid off with the membership of customers often initiated by word-of-mouth and conquered by the software reliability.


- Customizing documents based on data from a spool or a PDF workflow
- Dynamically calling Overlays
- Printing IBMi spools with laser and thermal printers
- Integration of barcode (on labels and outgoing documents)
- Archiving and multi-indexing
- Automatic choice of channel (printing, faxing, e-mailing, archiving PDF)
- Consolidation of editions for the enveloping


- Recognition and automatic capture of data inside documents
- Automatic entry of incoming invoices
- Reading barcodes in inside documents
- Automatic capture of multiple choice question forms


- Network access to documents
- Secure access to documents
- Workflow and monitoring of document processing
- Assisted manual indexing
- Automatic indexing
- Multi-indexing and cross searches
- Network Consulting